Reusable Lunch Bags

Traditionally in my house if food/lunch needs to be packed we grab the closest old, hopefully not ripped, plastic bag and toss the lunch in there. Either that or we use a, way too big, shopping bag for a sandwich and some chips. Looking around the web for a solution I came across some wonderful instructions to create a reusable lunch bag from The purlbee. I’m not much of a sewer but this looked pretty easy so I decided to take on the challenge.
I let the girls pick out their own fabric, from my limited stash. My oldest chose the more muted and mature fabric and my youngest chose the playful kid fabric. Here are my results:

Next on my agenda, reusable sandwich wraps!!!!


Jennifer Pohlhaus is a busy working mother of two who, along with her husband, has chosen to unschool her children. She currently blogs about her experience with the challenges and fun of unschooling along with her love of crafting and cooking at