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Women Rock!

Women rock! We all know that but one important group doesn’t seem to think so, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Of the 296 current inductees only 40 of them have been females or had female members. My sister-in-law’s friend Mel has started a campaign to bring awareness to the lack of women in the Hall. Since performers become eligible for induction 25 years after their first record their Women in the Hall campaign focuses on getting the likes of Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Heart (Ann & Nancy Wilson), Linda Ronstadt, and Cyndi Lauper inducted. To this end they have created some great t-shirts and stickers and they even created an amazing float for the Cincinnati’s Northend 4th of July Parade!

Despite their best efforts and amazing float the  judges didn’t award them a prize, but you can help!  Your vote counts! Help them win the people’s choice award for their amazing float by voting for Women in the Hall here!


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