5 Great Ways To Use Up Hard Boiled Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Easter is now a memory but the dozens of hard boiled eggs in the fridge remain. I’ve scoured the web to find 5 great ways to use up those dyed delights.

  • Over at Lunchsense they’ve created a good looking English muffin sandwich.
  • Check out these adorable hardboiled egg mice that would make a great afternoon snack.
  • Scotch Eggs are hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage which are then fried. I’ve never seen them outside of our local renaissance fair but they are good.
  • This delicious stuffed bread would be perfect for a brunch and gets rid of two common Easter items, ham and eggs.
  • By far the most creative use of hard boiled eggs comes in these Curry Puffs from Kooky Culinary

What is your favorite way of using up all those hard boiled eggs?


Jennifer Pohlhaus is a busy working mother of two who, along with her husband, has chosen to unschool her children. She currently blogs about her experience with the challenges and fun of unschooling along with her love of crafting and cooking at HarmonicMama.com.