5 Unique Vegetable Gardens

5 Unique Vegetable Gardens

With our greenhouse progress slowed due to heavy rain I’m stuck just thinking about gardens so I’ve decided to put together a list of 5 of the most unique vegetable garden’s that I’ve come across online.

  1. In the desert there is limited opportunity to grow your own food but over at Desertification they figured it out how to eek out a garden.  They are growing a veggie garden in plastic bottles. They’ve got how to instructions for turning your bottles into planters.
  2. This adorable lofted vegetable garden keeps the dog out and the veggies in the sun (via DigginFood).
  3. This shoe organizer garden is by far the simplest way to implement a vertical garden that I’ve seen yet. (via gardenUPGRADER)
  4. My friend Amy at Homegrown has one of the most unique vegetable garden‘s that I’ve seen. Instead of having a dedicated space her whole yard is the garden, even front steps and the bunny’s house.
  5. Eva in the Garden shows off some unique garden ideas. My favorite is the tin can garden where tin cans are nailed to the wall and planted! This would be great for a small kitchen garden or an herb garden.

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