Get your Home-Fires Burning with Homemade Beeswax Fire-Starters

My good friend Amy over at made some beautiful fire-starters out of beeswax, sawdust and cardboard egg containers.  She got the idea from 3191 miles apart and ever since I saw them I have been dying to make them. I got two large bags of sawdust and wood shavings from a woodworker friend ( and I had beeswax and cardboard egg cartons lying around.

Melt the beeswax. I melted my beeswax in a mason jar on top of a steamer in a pot of boiling water. I’m not sure this is really the “right” way to do it but it works really well for me.

Melting Wax

Fill the egg carton with wood shavings or saw dust

The beginnings of fire starters

Pour the melted wax over the sawdust filling the carton.


Once the wax is dry tear one of the fire-starters from the carton.


Place on your kindling, light and and enjoy your crackling fire.

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12 thoughts on “Get your Home-Fires Burning with Homemade Beeswax Fire-Starters”

  1. Great photos of the process 🙂 I make these too and love how well they work. I love seeing that I’m not the only one that gets crafty with my fires 🙂

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  3. Cool! I’ve made similar fire starters using dryer lint and old candle stumps melted down. They make for easy camp fire starting. I’ll have to save some sawdust for the next batch!

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