Yet another house and our request to buy one that’s not yet for sale.

We’re going to look at another house tomorrow. It’s about two minutes
away from where we currently rent and within walking distance of our
favorite grocery store. It’s only two bedrooms though but it looks
mighty roomy so I would assume that the bedrooms are really big. Also

if there’s enough room to have a bedroom/office for us and a
bedroom/playroom for the kids that’s all we need.

Also a twin next to friends of ours, which is usually rented, is
vacant. I looked up the owner of the property and sent him a letter to
ask if he is interested in selling the property. I kind of feel like
the people in that ad who storm the house and tell the owners that they
will take it to which they reply “it’s not for sale” and then the people
send their kids off to choose their rooms. It’s strange to ask someone
if they are interested in selling their property but I figure it can’t
hurt. I’m a little nervous about it though because it is an older twin
and we might encounter the same problems as with the other house. The
only difference is that it has been a rental so it must have to keep up
with current codes etc. to be rentable. Who knows, I’ll probably never
hear back from the guy.


2 thoughts on “Yet another house and our request to buy one that’s not yet for sale.”

  1. Hi Jenn ~ I’ve been following your house journal entries as well, and hope the twin nearby gets good results for you. I miss hometown very much, but now with Dan & Karri and their Baby on the way all here, we are busy & happy.
    Saw your post to Karri and wanted to post our phone number for you. Dan is going to change it to vonage soon, but number will be same, I think.. 850-265-0807 D&K’s old number should be forwarding here. You can try that too. Come see us!

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