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One woman who is working on this with us got a horrible response from her representative,Jacqueline R. Crahalla, when she e-mailed her about breast feeding rights legislation. Here is Jacqueline R. Crahalla responce to a request to support of propose pro-breastfeeding legislation:

Thank you for your recent letter regarding breastfeeding rights

While I agree with you about the importance and sense of
breastfeeding, legislation mandating breastfeeding rights is not the
way to go on this issue. Such legislation was introduced last
Session, and it was never voted out of committee. It is being
reintroduced this Session and will probably face the same fate.

Done tastefully, breastfeeding is a noble and beautiful act. Most
mothers I have known chose to breastfeed privately or quietly in a
public place, and there has never been a problem. If there is one, I
would suggest the mothers boycott that particular establishment and
choose one that shares their viewpoint.

Jacqueline R. Crahalla
State Representative
150th Legislative District

What a horrible responce. It’s disconcerting that a state representative would bash the hopes of someone trying to make a difference. Isn’t it their responsability to listen to those whome they represent and help to enact laws that are important to their constitancy. If it is something that a member of her district feels strongly about then she, as a member of the house, should work to help get it voted out of committee, that’s her job.


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