Nurse in to Protest Barbara Walters and “The View” Gets National Attention.

Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times

The nurse-in in New York and three other cities has gotten national attention!!! You go mamas!

New York Times
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3 thoughts on “Nurse in to Protest Barbara Walters and “The View” Gets National Attention.”

  1. Ok I will comment. Barbra Walters said she was uncomfortable with a woman breatsfeeding next to her in an airplane. Some people are uncomfortable with that. Life is a compromise, why is it that everyone else has to compromise by allowing breatsfeeding everywhere, yet a breats feeding mother does not have to compromise by covering up a little bit. Hey childbirth the sex that got them there is natural too, however we as a society demand a modicum of modesty for those actions, as we do for another natural thing going to the bathroom. I do not see the problem with Ms. Walters comments as reported by the newspapers (they were VERY different from what mothering magazine said.)

  2. It is difficult enough for most
    women to breast feed much less if they do not have the support of
    their family or society. I do agree with you that women should be as
    discrete as possible and most women are. I have issue with people who
    don’t like women breastfeeding in public even though you can not see
    even the slightest bit of breast and that is part of what these women
    were protesting for. We should be able to feed our babies any time
    and any where they are hungry. How would you like it if you had to go
    to the bathroom to eat or otherwise segrigated from those around you.
    It’s absolutely rediculous.

    As to exactly what BW said I will admit that i may have gotten the
    words wrong but that was the terminology used on the official press
    release from the organizers of the nurse-in who are not affiliated
    with Mothering Magazine. The action alert at Mothering came from the
    press release.

  3. Ok I apologize. I did not mean it as condecending toward my sister. I have no problem with women breastfeeding in public. I know all to well what it is like when society does not accept you for things you do.

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